LEGO 21131 Minecraft The Ice Spikes

Price: £44.99
(as of Jul 01,2018 21:43:02 UTC – Details)

You’ve discovered a frozen snow-covered landscape, with lapis lazuli ore and other rare resources. A baby cow is roaming between huge columns of packed ice, while a hostile spider lurks in the shadows. Build a shelter and a snow golem and spring a surprise attack on the spider. Enter the library and use the enchantment table to power up your pickaxe. Then mine ice blocks, create a long ladder and build your bed high in The Ice Spikes!Build your own Ice Spikes, featuring library with enchantment table, ladders and shelter with bed!
Packed with accessories, including Steve’s iron armour and helmet, enchanted pickaxe, enchantment book, lapis lazuli ore element, torches, crops, banner and a chest!
Includes Steve minifigure, plus a buildable spider, snow golem, snowman and baby cow
LEGO Minecraft toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building
Measures 23cm high, 23cm wide and 18cm deep
454 pieces – For boys and girls ages 8 and older

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