Kotobukiya KSV160 1:10 Scale Dog Alien from Alien 3 Artfx Plus Statue

Price: £79.99 - £52.00
(as of Dec 10,2018 16:43:07 UTC – Details)

Dog Alien, also called Runners, is an adult form of the species Xenomorph XX121 spawned from a quadrupedal host animal (such as a dog). Runners, as their name implies, are fast and agile, and like Drones can spit acid from their mouths. Runners have variously been portrayed as being slightly larger and slightly smaller than typical human-spawned Aliens, differences that no doubt derive from the animal that hosted the creature. However, the Runner in Alien3 is around 7 feet 5 inches tall when standing on its hind legs. The Runner was first introduced in Alien3 as the main antagonist of the film. It has subsequently appeared in many video games and other expanded universe media.Key FeaturesAlien 3
1/10 scale ARTFX+ statues

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