City LEGO Set – 60137 Tow Truck auf Abwegen + 30352 Police Set in Pouch

Price: £32.91
(as of Jan 13,2019 02:43:09 UTC – Details)

60137 tow truck on Abwegen
Let the two motorcycle police a plan hassle, as you can stop the Ganoven. Hop on the police all terrain Motorcycle or tracking/For Tow Truck Hinterherzurasen. Adjusting the safe Safe, Verhafte the Ganoven and Schaff it behind panel. Once again this is an exciting day for the LEGO® City Police. Includes 3 minifigures: 2 police officers and a Ganoven. Also included are a tow truck, a safe, a police braced wheel and one police tracking motor bike riding. The tow truck has a movable Abschlepparm with hook. The Police tracking Motorcycle has a police trowel and a radio. Additionally, there is also a safe with large door and a small storage compartment for banknotes and a precious gem. Jage on the police motorcycles the Ganoven want to do with tow truck then, it has a safe on hook and from the dust. Use the police Remote Control to you together with the other police Abzusprechen and the Ganoven a trap at the same time. Keep the tow truck and bring the Ganoven Rear Grille. All the accessories you need consists of three banknotes, plus a radio, a wrench, a pry bar, welding machine, handcuffs, a police trowel and precious gem.
30352 Police Set in Pouch
LEGO City Bauset consisting of a police car and a mini figure. This set includes 46 pieces in a handy plastic bag.You will receive the LEGO City Set consisting of items 60137 tow truck Abwegen and 30352 Police Set in Pouch
60137 – Contains three mini figures: Two POLICE and Ganoven
Also included are a tow truck, a safe, one police braced wheel and police tracking Motorcycle
30352 – Lego City Bauset consisting of 50 parts

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